The Archaeography of Belas Knap

The paintings in this gallery are part of a three year project based at Belas Knap long barrow in Gloucestershire UK.

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Portal Dolmen.
Oil on canvas 60x40 inches.
The false entrance of Belas Knap bathed in moonlight. Spirit House.
Oil on canvas 31x40 inches.
Belas Knap, a house for the dead. Burial Rites.
Oil on canvas31x40 inches.
Mortuary tables with barrow in the distance. Shamanic Landscape.
Oil on canvas 31x40 inches.
Hand axes,fossils and human forms are elements of a shamanic journey in and around Belas Knap. Wood Spirit.
Spirit of place.
Oil on canvas 31x40 inches
A presence experienced within Humblebee wood east of Belas Knap. Soul Stone.
Oil on canvas 31x40 inches.Website Photo Galleries by v3.1m